Ludwe Majiza is a talented young permaculture farmer who has moved back to his home village Mkhubiso, in the Amathole district Eastern Cape. We are lucky enough to have Ludwe as part of one of our agricultural Learning network. Read more about the wonderful work that Ludwe is doing in Mkhubiso in an article written by Noluthando Ngcakani on the Food for Amanzi website. 

Ludwe speaks about the benefits of moving from urban centres, where the cost of living is high and one is often removed from our natural environment, to rural communities where one has access to land and intricate community knowledge bases.

Not only does Ludwe farm but he is also involved in community education. He strongly believes that community members, especially young people, need to have access to knowledge and information in order to thrive. He believes that giving the youth information about permaculture and its benefits is a way of providing tools to build rural communities.

An important component of Ludwe’s farming is that all practices employed are permaculture practices, practices that promote farming in an environmentally friendly manner. Ludwe explains in the article that his passion is first and foremost nature. He explained that he never took an interest in farming when he was younger but on being exposed to permaculture, a biological farming practice that concentrates on soil health and the conservation of our natural environment, he started to re-imagine farming as an important component of sustainable rural community upliftment.

To learn more about Ludwe and the work he is doing in the Amathole District, visit:

Ludwe Majiza, Youth Permaculture Farmer