Meet the team!

Lawrence Sisitka

Course Manager and Developer

Lawrence is a research associate of the ELRC, with a focus on natural resource management and learning in community and professional contexts. He has been involved in the Amanzi for Food project since the beginning and was part of the team which developed the original Training of Trainers contact course in 2014. He worked with Wilma and Sarah in the adaption of the course for the Online version.

Wilma van Staden

Course Co-Ordinator and Developer

Wilma van Staden is an agri-ecologist specialist associated with the ELRC, Rhodes University. She holds a PhD in sustainable agriculture education and an Msc in Environmental Management. She joined the Amanzi for Food team in 2015. She is an E-Learning researcher and consultant who designs, develops and deploys learner centered, co-engaged, active learning solutions anchored in Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Management.

Robson Mukwambo


Robson Mukwambo has a strong background in Environmental Education for Sustainability. He has worked with the Wildlife Environment of Zimbabwe (more than 7 years), Kwekwe Environmental Education Programme (more than 5 years) and Sebakwe Conservation Education Centre-UK Trust for more than 2 years. He holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Education for Sustainability (MeD) and he has just finished his PhD with Rhodes University. Throughout his work 14 years’ experience, in his Masters’ and PhD’s journey, he has used social learning processes and cultural historical activity analysis to address multidimensional complexities (including water and energy) in farming communities in Zimbabwe. He is delighted to be part of this tutorship team and to share and learn together with the participants on this exciting course.