The IBLN is excited to announce the appointment of one of our members, Mrs. Busisiwe Mgangxela -Peter, as one of the new executive directors of the Movement in Africa NGO. Busi (East London) and Mercy Hombakazi Nqandeka (Transkei) were appointed this weekend as Executive directors ready to take forward many exciting projects within their greater communities.

Busisiwe has been an incredibly active member of the Imvotho Bubomi Learning Network for the last 5 years, playing an important role in encouraging knowledge sharing and partnership development within the Imvotho Bubomi Learning Network. She is a highly experienced agro ecologist as well as a passionate activist for all things natural. She has been at the forefront of seed sharing activities, GMO-free maize movements, and the introduction of moringa crops amongst many other activities in the Eastern Cape. Busi has always been a source of inspiration in the learning network demonstrating to farmers the great rewards that can be reaped from caring and nurturing for one’s crops and food gardens.

The Movement in Africa is a non-governmental organisation which describes itself as a, “co-created community wealth-building social upliftment solution to food sovereignty, peoples healing and environmental restoration: ultimately offering a system that creates healthy and sustainable communities,”. After much research, the organisation recognised the need to venture into the agricultural sector and work on developing programs around food sovereignty, agroecology, and permaculture within rural communities. The Movement in Africa hopes to start by developing hubs within the Eastern Cape, South Africa, and then to extend its reach into other provinces within the country, furthermore other countries within Africa. Busi explained that the Movement in Africa wishes to bring the people who have been trained permaculture and agroecology back to the land where they can use their skills to create thrive agroecological hubs. A successful agroecological system includes the whole package, insists Busi, one needs to have community seed banks, continual learning, product marketing, and consistent demand. Along with Mercy, Busi will play a leading role in co-creating the #TheMovementInAfrica Learning Hubs where she hopes to spread knowledge around agroecology and conservation farming to local communities, building communities of agroecology farmers and consumers, fighting for food sovereignty and a healthy environment.

We are so proud of all Busisiwe has achieved and encouraged all our local farmers to be inspired by Busi’s tenacity and passion and follow in her footsteps to affect great change.