8 02, 2016

Relating, connecting and deepening collective work on water for food in times of drought

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“We are very happy that we can now harvest water using the amadanyana (farm dams); we can now water vegetables in our garden with less effort” remarked the elderly leader of a cooperative garden with mostly women farmers in Alice in the Nkonkobe Local Municipality of the Eastern Cape. How did they get to this […]

26 01, 2016

Expanding an agricultural water learning network

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The agricultural sector is diverse and there are many actors within the sector working towards similar goals geared to promote and work towards food secure communities and households. There are farmers and many governmental and private projects and programmes working towards this vision. Projects and programmes do so by running and facilitating workshops and training […]

19 11, 2015

Course Certificate Ceremony

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On the 15th of October 2015, we held the Amanzi for Food Training of Trainer’s course closing ceremony. The course is a key component of the WRC Amanzi for Food programme, it aims to disseminate knowledge and skills on rainwater harvesting and conservation practices for agricultural water use in homestead food production. This course was held […]

19 11, 2015

Amanzi for Food on Radio

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Radio is one of the effective mediums to reach farmers in rural areas. It creates a platform for them to air their views and ask questions about harvesting rainwater, ultimately bringing about learning in the public sphere.

The radio broadcasts are mainly focused on informing the listeners about rainwater harvesting. This is done by people giving […]

12 11, 2015

Rationale for Factoring in Climate Change in the Amanzi for Food Project

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Being resilient is about enduring life’s challenges with grace and learning to find lessons in both triumphs and defeats on the court of life…challenges provide us with insights…it’s what makes us winners – (Latham Thomas, 2014). 

“Don’t just survive winter, thrive in it” advises an advertisement. This advert appears to be instructive in relationship to the […]

31 08, 2015

Bringing together indigenous and scientific knowledge for curriculum innovation in agricultural teaching about rainwater harvesting and conservation

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Amanzi for Food is seeing real collaborative learning among agricultural lecturers, farmers, extension services, researchers and economic development agents leading to genuine curriculum innovation at Fort Cox College and the University of Fort Hare. There are also exciting developments taking place among farmers in the Nkonkobe and some parts of the Amahlati Local Municipalities in […]

18 08, 2015

An Agriculture ‘show and tell’ in Alice

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Remember the show and tell’ class sessions you and many others had to succumb during your primary school days? The ‘show and tell’ is a teaching method where pupils bring their own items to class and describe them to their classmates. Items varied […]

24 04, 2015

A Story about a Farmer in Rural Zimbabwe

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“I marry water and soil so that they won’t elope and run-off but raise a family on my plot” says a beaming Mr Zephaniah Phiri Maseko, an award winning smallholder farmer from Zvishavane in rural Zimbabwe. Mr Phiri Maseko is a miracle worker who harvests water as a way of adapting to climate variability. His […]

11 02, 2015

The Amanzi for Food Teaching Garden

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The Teaching Garden includes:

  • Indigenous knowledge framing of foundational knowledge practices
  • Low-cost water drum for bucket and can watering
  • Low-cost compost bin for aerobic decomposition
  • Low cost water capture and delivery to root zone using composting/mulched beds, deep trench and pitting as water conservation practices
  • Mycoroot soil flora (mycorrhizae)
  • m2planting plots following the Magic Square book by Lolo Holbein (Jacana Press)
  • Full-Stop […]
20 01, 2015

Why ‘Amanzi for Food’?

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There can be little argument with the proposition that a reliable supply of good quality water is essential to growing food.  After all water is life, and as the user of 62% of South Africa’s available water, agriculture has a major responsibility to ensure the most efficient use of this most precious of resources.

However, in […]